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Concert formats and content

Whether at a venue or a house show, a typical evening concert starts around 7 or 8PM, though the start time is entirely up to the nature of the concert or event and your discretion. Our performances usually consist of two 35-45 minute sets, though opening sets and longer single sets are also possible. We enjoy an evening that includes a 15-20 minute intermission for CD sales and refreshments, and then some time after for CD signing/visiting.

We showcase the best of our original songwriting and compositions in our concerts, the stories that go with these songs, and often a couple songs that lend themselves for sing-alongs. Many of the songs in our sets include lyrics and harmony vocals, and we always include a couple instrumentals, all original music we have written and arranged. Please expect a range of emotions, tempos, and genres, including Folk, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, and folk-Rock. We craft our songs to appeal to all ages and our sets to keep our audiences engaged - and often tapping, clapping, and laughing along with us. Please visit our Watch page to see how some of our audiences respond!

Dan has released 25 albums across a variety of genres throughout his career, which can be previewed/downloaded on www.ramblingdan.com.

Laurel writes exceptional violin arrangements and vocal harmonies for Dan’s songs, as well as original songs and instrumentals, some of which can be previewed/downloaded through www.laurelthomsen.com.

We focus our sets around songs we have released on the albums we currently have for sale at our shows. Each of us may also have a solo CD or two on hand which we may feature a song or two from.

During our second set (if applicable) we pass around our mailing list/guestbook for audience members to sign should they wish to be notified when we are back in the area or release a new album. We also have business cards on hand and postcards to share our services as violin/viola/fiddle and guitar/songwriting instructors. We enjoy meeting with audience members before and after concerts, and many stay after to visit for a bit.

We do, from time to time, play special requests from the 50's-70's as well as fiddle tunes, and though first and foremost we want to entertain whatever audience we stand before, we prefer the focus not drift too far from the original music we’re promoting on CD and our intended set lists. For private events we can and will play whatever popular covers are requested. Depending on the mood of the crowd and special requests, Dan may also include his famous “Bald Dylan” impressions and/or other favorites (Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Mick Jagger, etc.), usually as an encore and much to audience delight.   

For different types of events, festivals, etc. we have over four hours of original and diverse material ready. If needed we can easily play different days/stages without repeating any material or playing any cover tunes.

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