Dan and Laurel

                Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen


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October 31-November 10, 2013

in West Virgina, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina

November 10-December 5, 2013 in Nashville, TN

December 6-15, 2013

in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota

December 18-29, 2013

in Manitoba, Canada

January-February-March 2014

in British Columbia, Alberta

Sept 18 - Oct 1, 2014

North British Columbia Home Routes Tour

October 16-December, 2014

in California

2014 is filling up!!

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The short story:

In Spring 2012, music and modern technology transpired to bring together two artists with captivating musical synergy, despite their living 2,000 miles apart. Dan Frechette, Canadian entertainer, master impressionist, acoustic guitarist, and composer of 1500 songs (including the The Duhks’ hit singles "Mists of Down Below" and "You Don't See It") came across California's Laurel Thomsen, world class violinist, composer, and educator, on YouTube, eventually forging together a powerful new friendship and an old soul folk sound.

In March 2013, Dan and Laurel met in person. Less than 24 hours later they performed the first of a 16 concert tour. Less than a year later and already over 25,000 miles, 120 shows, and a debut CD into their career together, Dan and Laurel have been winning over audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada with their style diversity and musical chemistry. Audiences enjoy their heartwarming harmonies, emotive violin, and spirited guitar, while literate, poetic lyrics capture stories of irony, triumph, wit, and humor.

"Any grounded, sound-minded person would have a perma-grin throughout a Dan and Laurel show."

~Bernie, Manitoba house concert host

"Dan and Laurel’s concert in our home drew a standing ovation and demand for encores. Everyone left with big smiles!"    

~Margo and Tyler Baker, CA house concert hosts

The longer version:

In Spring 2012, music and modern technology transpired to bring together two artists with captivating musical synergy, despite their living 2,000 miles apart. As Manitoba-based singer-songwriter Dan Frechette and California-based violinist-singer Laurel Thomsen forged a friendship, there was no question of why they were meant to meet, only how.

Many emails, Facebook messages, Skype meetings, and 35 overdubbed recordings later, in March 2013, Dan and Laurel met and performed their first tour throughout California. At every tour stop, audiences experienced the thrill of this fresh musical partnership forged on the Internet. But while technology brought them together, audiences were quick to discover it was not tech assistance delivering in these performances, but rather the old soul authentic sounds of violin, guitar, and voices honed over two young lifetimes.

Ardent and down-to-earth performers, Dan and Laurel enjoyed early success in music, as teens. By adulthood, each had committed to paths as independent artists and had creatively found ways to be comfortably supported by their musical talents. Dan, dubbed "Manitoba's Secret Weapon" as well as being called a “walking folk festival”, had 1500 songs to his name, 22 albums across several acoustic genres, and songs covered by several bands, including Ireland's “Dervish”, Canada's “The Duhks”, and Australia's “The Ploughboys”. Laurel had made the leap from Classical training to playing in bands, arranging, and recording, while maintaining a private lessons studio, hosting a podcast, and writing for Strings magazine. When Dan discovered via YouTube how Laurel expressed emotion on the violin, he knew the next musical direction he hoped to explore. Less than a year after their inaugural concert, Dan and Laurel have 120 shows and festivals under their belt, and over 50 guestbook pages filled with the kind words from fans and presenters throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Released in August 2013, Dan and Laurel’s debut CD, titled "Dan and Laurel”, is an 18 song journey into emotion and wonder, joy and sorrow, featuring rich and delicate harmony vocals, warm and orchestral acoustic guitar, and magnificent soaring violin. Recorded live in a church in a Winnipeg, Manitoba, it showcases the surprisingly full sound this duo creates and all the chemistry of a live show. Filling 2014 and into 2015, Dan and Laurel are building an exciting career path together.



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