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Room and Board

Though we occasionally stay in hotels while touring, we appreciate it when a concert host or their friends in the area are able to provide us lodging in their home the night of the show. We enjoy how this builds community as well as appreciate that it reduces our touring costs. Hosting the concert as well as the often provided room and board, is a priceless gift that makes it possible for us to keep touring. Unlike other house concert guests, the host is not expected to pay the suggested donation amount, although some hosts do wish to contribute financially. It is also our pleasure to gift the host a CD.

If you have the means to put us up for the night, rest assured, we are clean, respectful, and drug, smoke, and alcohol free guests. Both of us are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle as we hope to continue performing and touring well into our old age.

Lodging needs:

We carry a leave-it-as-you-found-it mentality and do not require much more than a safe place to park our car and a clean, private room with a queen or king bed, window coverings for sleeping, and a place to shower. Laundry, when available, is definitely appreciated, but not needed for every stay. We also always travel with our own sleeping supplies including a mattress pad, pillows, camping gear for the warmer months, and sleeping bags, though a private guest room is best. We often use our sleeping supplies even when we have nice guest rooms, because we’ve found we sleep much better when we have the consistency of the same pillows etc. every night we’re on the road.

Laurel is allergic to most long haired cats, and quite allergic to all rabbits and most rodents which, when exposed, effects her breathing and singing. Short haired cats, dogs, reptiles, and birds are fine. As to be expected, neither of us does well in places with mold, low ventilation, or where chemical air fresheners are used such as Febreeze, etc.. as we have environmental allergies.

We don’t stay up late partying like those stereotypical “rock stars” you might hear about. We like relaxing with tea, visiting with hosts after the show, getting a good night's sleep, and perhaps visiting again in the morning before we travel. Some hosts are musicians themselves and we enjoy jamming with them when time allows.

Internet access so we can keep up with hosts, venues, fans, and family while on tour is very helpful. Laurel teaches her violin and viola students via Skype on off days and occasionally on mornings before we travel. We’ll let you know well ahead of time if she is hoping to include time to connect with her students during our visit. If so, she’ll need stable internet, a private room with decent lighting, a chair and small table or desk. Most of the time she can use a corner of the room we are staying in, though a separate space is always welcomed when available. As wifi can be temperamental, we bring a very long ethernet cable to connect to wifi routers when needed.

Dietary needs:

While we are always perfectly happy fend for ourselves while on the road, we also like to “break bread” with new communities, especially in house concert settings. Should you hope to feed us, please be aware that we do have some dietary needs.

We eat a vegan, plant based diet. Laurel grew up in a vegan family while Dan has adopted this diet more recently. We do not eat any meats, fish, poultry, or eggs, or products which might contain these ingredients, including soup stocks, sauces, and pastries. We also avoid dairy products, but may make the exception with cheese or yogurt on occasion. We prefer almond, soy, or other alternative milks and cheeses over dairy products, and usually have some with us.

Laurel is quite allergic to mushrooms, particularly portobellos, and is also allergic to chocolate. If you’re planning a soup or something savory, please double check any broths and mixes to be sure they do not include mushrooms. Dan has a kiwi fruit allergy. We also avoid salty, fried, and sugary foods, and processed white bread/pastry type foods whenever possible. 

We love Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Sushi (veggie), Asian, Ethiopian, and pretty much any other ethnic type of food.

To give you some ideas... We love: salads and steamed or sauteéd vegetables (organic when possible and especially carrots, kale, yams/sweet potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, avocados, and chard); fruit (especially bananas, apples, pears, mangoes, oranges, and berries); marinaded and baked or sauteéd tofu or tempeh; veggie chili (spicy is great!); bean enchiladas, tacos, or burritos with fixings such as salsa, avocado, and lettuce; whole grains (especially rice or quinoa); bean salads and spreads; almond and other alternative nut milks and nut cheeses; sulphur free dried fruit (especially mangoes); unsalted nuts and trail mixes; nut butters (especially almond, tahini, and pumpkin seed); sprouted, whole grain, or sourdough crusty type breads; veggie, bean, and/or rice soups with veggie broth.

For beverages, we enjoy drinking tea or water, and do not consume coffee, alcoholic beveragaes, sodas (pop), or other carbonated beverages. We usually bring some nice tea varieties with us which we are happy to share with curious hosts. We take our tea straight or occasionally with nut milk, natural stevia, or honey.

We generally have the staples of our diet with us and can fend for ourselves or augment as needed. If you are a house concert host and don’t have the means or plans to have anything available, that is absolutely fine, but please let us know ahead of time so we can make arrangements to eat out or shop for groceries ahead of our arrival. Also, please let us know whether or not kitchen use will be available during our stay so we can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call and leave Laurel a message at 831-224-0913 or to email us both at info@danandlaurel.ca.

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