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Sound and requirements

For smaller concerts we have two acoustic amps we may either use individually, together as a small PA, or often also for bigger stages as our monitors/DIs, sending the signal from our instruments and voices to the main PAs. For small house concerts we also may decide to go completely acoustic though we usually find that we sell significantly more CDs if we have a bit of sound reinforcement for our vocals in articular. With listening rooms we generally use a single large diaphram condenser mic (Ear Trumpet Labs “Myrtle”, see here) to capture everything in a simple, but elegant way. Louder environments may require separate vocal mics, and “plugging in” the instruments. We are well equipped for these situations as well. Each room and audience is different and we will work with you and your space to ensure the best possible sound.

When we do use our system, rest assured, many people remark on the quality of our sound - just like we sound acoustically, only with clearer vocals and a fuller ensemble sound. When using our own system, we will have our own mic stands, mic cables, XLR and quarter inch cables, and microphones. We bring everything we need whether or not we need it all in the end. However, if a venue, festival, or house concert can supply these, please let us know as this may be easier. Depending on event location, sometimes we do need a three prong extension cable to plug in the power bar which powers our amps. Aside from that, we're set!

When using a house sound system, depending on the room we may require a single mic stand to use with our “Myrtle” mic, or we will require two mic stands for our separate vocal mics, a quarter inch cable with a DI box for the guitar, and an XLR cable running straight to the board with Phantom Power for the violin. Dan uses a pickup for his guitar, but can also use, or additionally use, an instrument mic if available. Laurel uses a mini condenser mic which sits under her violin’s tailpiece and prefers this to a mic on a stand because of the quality of this mic’s sound and because then she is free to move about and not worry about losing volume or knocking an overhead mic with her bow.

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