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Tag: driving by candlelight

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We'd wanted to create a supporting music video for this song ever since we released it on our penultimate album, "Driving By Candlelight," back in 2018. The pieces didn't fall into place until two weeks ago. After a bit of online sleuthing in a flurry of inspiration, Laurel knocked out the video from concept to final edit over an intensive ...

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We want to thank you for tagging along with us this year and hope you'll enjoy this wrap-up of some of our favorite photos and experiences. We started 2018 off as we'll do again tomorrow night, performing in Laurel's hometown of Monterey, California at First Night, a family friendly, alcohol free New Years festival for the arts. We stayed off the ...

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Happy Memorial Day to our US fans and thanks so much to everyone for your pledges towards our fourth album Kickstarter!

We're 48 hours away from the end our fourth album fundraising campaign and we're VERY happy to report that we managed to hit our funding goal over the weekend with 109 backers (and we've even gotten several more pre-orders ...

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We'll be recording our fourth album and have a few days between tours here to announce the launch of our new CD pre-order funding campaign.

We'll have until midnight PDT on May 30th to reach our funding goal, or unfortunately we won't get a penny of the funding our fans have pledged. That's a little scary, but also exciting. This funding will ...

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