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Make Me Come Alive (Dan Frechette)
I've got my hands on my destiny
She's the one who heats my every chill
I've got a feeling deep inside me
She's always bound to be my thrill

‘Cause I’ve been running ‘round this world just to find the time
To come home to call the girl who's been on my mind
To be there with her anywhere, make me feel so good inside

(chorus x3) Make me come alive

I've got to wait a little longer
Seems the day is slow and cold and sad
Well the sun don't shine without her
But there ain't no way I'm feeling bad

‘Cause she's been in my life each night telling me what she sees
Everything she wants to love has to do with me
Everything she wants to know
She wants just to help me to dream

Well now there ain't no doubt to slow me down
She's my girl, no stopping now, it’s strange
But there ain't no games
Suddenly I lost the sound of breaking hearts
I'm heaven bound again

From "After the Fire"

Money Shouldn't Talk That Strong (Laurel Thomsen)
Just bubbles in a bathtub
But poison was seeping to the bone, alone
In times the sages warned
No sign of a savior, we mourn, no
When selling off our decency ain’t a crime
Sends empathy cowering to the corners of our minds
And Nature sends an SOS
What could be wrong?
Money shouldn't talk that strong

(chorus) Let’s talk strong about our dreams
Celebrate our differences
Talk strong about the future
And love our planet home
Find honesty in our struggles
And courage in our strengths
Let’s talk until our sameness shines through
Like we're supposed to do

People without hope
Live their lives by their fears, oh whoa oh
And evil seems to grow
In all the neighbors we’re afraid to know, whoa oh
Scarcity echoes through our minds
Divided up, we’re lost of any voice that we could find
Our puzzle pieces scattered
When do we all belong?
Money shouldn’t talk that strong

When Bob and Phil and Joni wrote their songs oh so long ago, whoa oh
Did they see a future time
Living the same stories they sang to you, no
The world still carried by the poor
Color, race, religions, just steps from prison’s door
Let’s catch this moment
Start a new song
‘Cause money shouldn’t talk this strong

From "After the Fire"

Country Beauty Queen (Dan Frechette)
She was born upon a farm in the year of '83
She was the quintessential country beauty queen
There's seldom queens in country life
But she deserved a crown
When she took her little brother out to play
She was the talk of Clementstown

(chorus) She was on the mind of every lonesome dreamer
Looking for the road, rising up to meet her
She didn't realize all the eyes crying goodbyes
When she fell in love

She met him out on the street serenading for a dime
Something captivated her, she was hanging on a rhyme
Somewhere along the skies above the rain came tumbling down
And they ran away that summer day to find some higher ground

Life was writing pages and turning them so fast
She had no chance to look behind, to see what chapter passed

Somewhere along the stars above
Her dreams were flying high
And every time she kissed him
It would distance every guy
She didn't know why love found her
She'd never been aware
Of hearts beating with every meeting
Until she found him there

From "After the Fire"

Tricky (Dan Frechette)
This place is cramping our style, love
There's somewhere else we can fly
Only thing that matters
It's a matter of time

We can stop blaming one another
Or the fact we both don't belong
If there were changes in the weather
Then maybe nothing could go wrong

(chorus) It's tricky so tricky to get it right
It's tricky when our darkness is seen in the light
It's tricky so tricky you might miss your flight
It's tricky when there's nothing when you take a bite

We can live out our primes here, love
Look back at our primes being lost
We can sell emptiness
And add plans to the cost

Find our way to the mecca
Where we'll be swept in a wave
I'll always be behind you
It's safe in our cave

Crawling through the underworld, love
Find a new home in the sun
Where time will not be squandered
And the battle will be won

From "After the Fire"

Ransom of Love (Laurel Thomsen)
There's a crack in the wall
Where a little love can flow
A little love
A little joy
A little laughter
They're calling their names
In the streets filled with pain
’Til the break
And the bow
Forever after

Waiting on the moon
Waiting on the tides
Waiting on a moment that just feels right
To toss all these reasons to not stake this claim
A ransom of love
Calling a ransom of love

On the way to a goal
Which most will never know
Never care
Never find
Never look for
Long for what we have and
We’ll find no better salve
And what we seek
Can be forever
Now and after

Stars play tricks in the dreamers' eyes
Nowhere to go
These endless skies
Endless skies

There's a child in her room
counting swallows 'cross the moon
Through the cold
And the mist
And her sadness
But far beyond her world
Is a feeling that's reserved
For the Gods
And the Saints
Forever after

From "After the Fire"

Beale Street (Dan Frechette)
On Beale Street was where I found you
You were looking for a stained glass window
To hang in a church you go to
So I pointed you to a place
Where they sell stained glass they make
But all you wanted to do
Was get to know me
Through and through

(chorus) Now you know me
Now you know me
And we're sailing on a love boat ferry
And you hold me
You unfold me
And in five days or so we’re goin’ to marry

You say you've seen me in your dreams
I can't say what that means
But girl I hope that you've been seen in those dreams too

On Beale Street we walked today
And our life is pretty plain
We dream of eclipses of the sun and the moon
We don't know what the future holds
As much as what this future held
But I know a Beale Street house will be our home soon

From "After the Fire"

Colfax Harbor (Dan Frechette)
In the ruins of Colfax Harbor
Sits a girl who was waiting for a ship to come in
Standing down by the cool water
Dedicating her day to her long lost friend

(chorus) It was bound to happen soon
A sweet kiss embraced by the moon
Further up the lonesome trials of time
She could find nobody there
The fog was thick her wet eyes stared
Through dreams of the most natural crime

Echoing words from a promise
That he told her so many nights before
I will meet you in the harbor
And I will line your heart with silver and gold

Those days they were cherished
She dreamed of houses, beaches, walks in the park
She begins to see the big moon sinking
As the crimson begins to make its way through the dark

The telegram came the next morning
A solemn man with a message of pain
The ship it sank off Colfax Harbor
Ten miles from where his golden heart lay

From "After the Fire"

If A Wave (Laurel Thomsen)
If a wave began right here
Would you hold it tight and empty
Let it disappear
Or let it flow
Find other waves
Let it pick you up and carry you
Grow into an ocean
You can’t part a wave from the sea

(chorus) My world begins with me
From here to all I see
I own these wounds and the flowers that grow free
My world begins with me

And if love began right here
Would you still look for another
Hide away in your fear
Or would you feed
Its tiny light
Let it breath out with and through you
Merge with all the love out there
You can’t part a spark from the fire

We’re still looking for the answers we thought we knew
And wishing on the same dreams the whole world through
You can’t part a wave from the sea

And if peace began right here
Would you count it as your sweet luck
Push needy souls clear
Or set it free
On little wings
Small forces felt around the world
Spread out to eternity
You can’t part the breeze from the air

From "After the Fire"

Hey, It'll Be OK (Dan Frechette)
You can't say that it's over
So many do survive
Just spend your days being grateful
Happy to be alive
And everywhere there's misfortune
And everywhere there's light
We can see what we perceive
And hey it's alright

(chorus x2) It's OK, it'll be OK
You can't change the people
But you can dance in faith
That you can see the moon
And the sun
And the stars and say
Hey, it'll be OK

Look out at the survivors
So many learning to live
Of those who play with fire
There are those we can forgive
Some people fighting for freedom
And some people fighting the free
We all must die in grace
While making history

Chances are you're broken
Chances are you'll heal
Don't shy away from truth, babe
Learn how to feel
You're not alone, my friend
Take a look around
We're all sheltered in these houses
Without a sound

From "After the Fire"

Together Again (Dan Frechette)
If I could stay here
A real long time
Then you'd know it's ‘cause I love you deep inside
Take the cue
That's what you do
Then you’ll know at least that I'm a fool for you

(chorus x2) I’m waiting for that special day
When we can be together again, together again

You've changed me
I've changed for good
And now nothing will return me to the pain
And it's plain
It's plain to see
That you have made a miracle of me

I won't grow colder
I’ll just grow older yeah
Waiting for that special day
When we can be together again, together again
I'm waiting for that special day
When we can be together again, together again.

From "After the Fire"

Two in the Morning (Dan Frechette)
Waking up the world one sweet smile at a time.
She’s my sweet little girl there's never a better time than now to shine.
Take me to your dance floor, show me the move you want me to know.
When the music strikes, baby, take me where you want me to go.

(chorus) Two in the morning, lights are dimming slow.
Blue and boring, nowhere to go but home.
Colder and older ain’t what I’m settling on.
Invite me over, I’ll play for you until the dawn.

Life is running out, it’s time to get some living in.
Follow what dream you’ll not regret someday where you ain’t been.
Take a chance on running down some road you’ve never gone down.
Waiting when you find me, I’ll be looking for the footprints I ain’t found.

From "Between the Rain"

Carry Our Bones (Laurel Thomsen)
Preacher man braced against the wind.
Flashlight panning wide
trying to catch the souls as they fall.
Oh preacher man, don’t think you’re to blame.
We all must carry our bones.

Sad mother holding tight the child.
This to make him happy,
that to make a memory, he’s the one.
Sad mother, will lean on in the end
when we all must carry our bones.

(chorus) When bones break, we all must shake.
Shatter dreams that built our castles,
melt on down our rosy vessels,
we all must carry our bones.

Preacher man screaming to the sky.
Tell them all to listen
hold the stern and steer clear for your life.
Oh preacher man, will this be the day
when we all must carry our bones?

Even when saints 
gamble our peace
and we wear ourselves like tattered robes,
we all must carry our bones.

Sad mother watching through the rain.
Wild world blowing
stirring up the dust we leave behind.
Sad mother, steps into the light.
There she goes, carrying her bones.

From "Between the Rain"

A Talk of Consequence (Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen)
(chorus) A talk of consequence.
No use running blind!
Why not make a difference?
Why not speak our minds?

My minds racing,
racing on thoughts
of a happy little human race,
the kind we are not.

Pennies are cheap,
throw some my way.
Mixed up minds are coming
between us today.

I got a bee sting in my pocket.
I've got something to say.
Might you humor me
just for today?

Fear conviction.
Mind addiction.
No distinction.
Fact or fiction.
In contradiction.
Spiritual friction.
Painting pain.
Break the chain.

Snapshot of the future,
see it so clear.
People still struggling,
because they live in fear.

Let’s take a thought,
expand a view
of honor and grace,
building castles new.

From "Between the Rain"

Serenading with You (Dan Frechette)
I love walking through the redwoods.
I love eating raviolis.
I love serenading with you.

I love admiring your beauty.
I love what you do to me.
I love serenading with you.

Seems every day that goes by
I count blessings far and wide,
and there’s no place to be but inside your arms
When the rain is coming down.

Goodbye to the world on fire.
You’re my only desire.
I love serenading with you.

Sing a song no matter the season.
Something’s burning, even when we’re freezing.
I love serenading with you.

Seems everyday that goes by
I count blessings far and wide,
and there’s no place to be but inside your arms
when the rain is coming down.

I love admiring your beauty.
I love what you do to me.
I love serenading with you.
Serenading with you.
Serenading with you.

From "Between the Rain"

The Rain Don’t Need These Flowers (Dan Frechette)
(chorus) Gone are all the lonesome hours.
These sacred times with you now I spend.
And the rain don’t need these flowers,
but it falls, falls, falls on love again.

I whiled away my time,
in the past of lonesome yesterdays.
Pining for a sweetheart and true lover,
Gentle dreamer who time never betrays.

When the final gloom, it was lifted
and I no longer lay alone
and could give forevers to a dreamer
with her comfort in the glory of my soul.

From "Between the Rain"

Glory in My Soul (Dan Frechette)
I’m too tired to be sleeping.
There’s a warrior in my soul.
She’s burning up the candle
I’m ready to hit the road.

I can’t stay still for so long.
The sweet road turns to coal.
And I’m ready for the reckoning again,
and there’s glory in my soul.

I’m rolling through the mountains,
the sun-kissed fields and plains.
The sweet dew in the morning light,
the smell of the morning rain.

This world will be my dream-scape,
my heart and spirit full.
And I’m ready for the reckoning a gain,
and there’s glory in my soul.

(chorus) I can’t roll in the wind
'til I’ve got a place to go.
Somewhere we can play,
somewhere to rock n’ roll,
so get me on a highway
or a plane in the sky,
somewhere they’re gonna find me again,
I’m gonna leave to find out why.
Why all the glory in my soul?

The sweetest rose is crimson.
The softest hour is dawn.
The lightest I have felt
is when I’ve got my new song on.
I’m wearing fancy clothing,
and the crowd is ready to roll.
And I’m ready for the reckoning again,
and there’s glory in my soul.

From "Between the Rain"

When the Walls Fall Down (Laurel Thomsen)
Gazing to the sky
my heart still asks me why
my forefathers came to work this land?
Sweat on their temples
fashioning fundamentals,
now lofty businessmen come steal the prize.

(chorus) When the walls fall down
will they know how to work the stones?
When the wheels turn to rust
how to keep this circle flowing?
On this road of life
what makes the better people?
Has money gone and left them all behind?

Grandma’s old porch
was filled with tiny seedlings,
white sheets billowed as I walked up to her door.
She kept the things she had
with time enough to fix them.
Would the folks now living there feel the same?
Sometimes we leave a place better.
Sometimes we find a better place.
When the guardians are gone,
how will the rest carry on?
It takes more than money to make this town.

As a child I ran the beaches,
waves all senses reaching,
worlds within the tide pools
discovered and enjoyed.
I talked to the birds.
Spun poetry from words.
Now children throw their rocks and cry for more.

From "Between the Rain"

Sweet Beauty (Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen)
She washes her face in the sea foam and waves
with the dreams of her lover so many miles gone.
Drying her tears, she watches the sky.
The salt of the sea
wards off her fears.

(chorus) Gone away, gone away, all the morning.
A heart turned from grace carried her home.
She sought for his touch,
eagle wings flying high,
she’ll pay forth sweet beauty wherever she roams.

Times of the past under cold prairie skies
she’d lost her place in the land she called home.
Finding a future in shores of the west,
traveling empty, fulfilling a dream.

Searching for years where nobody knew.
Her heart cold and aching mist in her hair.
She jumped from the pier beyond hope in the morn.
A cowardly tomb and a shame she’d see not.

Strumming her lyre
In the silence beyond,
she serenades sweetly the man of her dreams.
He hears sounds at night
and knows not from where.
His dream of a beauty forever awaits.

From "Between the Rain"

Vagabond Heart Mountain (Dan Frechette)
To the vagabond heart mountain,
cool June chill edges of dusk,
the mosquitos crying around while we play guitars and busk.
Singing the songs our mothers taught us
when daddy sang at home.
Back when the lines were just fishing lines
and nothing was in stone.

Back when the past was close behind,
horizons felt so far.
When there was time to bide,
wasn’t grown enough to drive a car,
and living meant playing outside
long past curfew,
and a friend was just some kid
who rode those bikes with you,

And the trees were something you could climb,
and swinging meant the swings,
not listening was your only crime,
and you wore dandelion rings,
and money was on some other tree,
that took too long to grow,
and you could play with your family,
'cause they were the only life you would know.

To the vagabond heart mountain
I will wander in the dark.
'Til the dawn shines on the one
I’ll forever call sweetheart,
and together may we face the days
Of shadows, wind and rain.
Chase the sunrise around the westward bend,
and let the child back in again.
Let the child back in again.

From "Between the Rain"

Offa My Plate (Dan Frechette)
Yes, my baby loves me.
She always finds away.
I got no business eating chicken,
Get that meat up offa my plate.

Sure I can live on bread crumbs.
Salad everyday.
I’m taking protein powder
so I ain’t ever gonna faint.

(chorus) Give the world my liquor!
Give this world my weight!
Give the world my sugar, darling!
Get that meat up offa my plate!

I’d rather cut some flowers,
make my self a tea.
You won’t find idling
in some drive thru picking up coffee.

Valentine's day around the corner.
My baby has a chocolate allergy.
Been years now no chocolate.
I'm surviving fine you see.

I'll do this world a favor. 
One they won't have to ask of me,
because digging my early grave
ain't cut out to be for me.

From "Between the Rain"

The Lucky One (Dan Frechette)
After all his life’s work was ploughed into the dirt
He began to drift to times when his every whim would flirt
With the impossible, the dream, of knowing there's a way
To look upon the moon and the stars, and the dawning of the day

(chorus) You can follow him and hope you'll be the lucky one
In your forefathers footsteps, the lucky one
And hope whenever there's a chance that you can repay
The debt their inspiration left to help you find your way

He didn't have to show you the trail he blazed for you
Making his mistakes and never knowing what to do
Mansions never graced his hills but hot sweat graced his brow
He used to look upon this world the way that you do now

In his time of dying he only asks that you're freed
Of treachery and doubt and never knowing what you need
Everywhere you go in life I'm sure he's made the turn
And looked upon these times and all the things you never learn

From "Driving By Candlelight"

American Refugee (Laurel Thomsen)
Dark highways stretch for miles
Through towns that are all gone
Ghosts howl through the cracks
Where our lives once had grown
And fear has a name
Clings tight to his mama's side
A hungry child
In a world that's broken

(chorus) We're all drinking from the same cup
Fighting all the way up
A dream held tight in effigy
I'm an American refugee
America the beautiful
America the grand
America the sand
Slipping right from your hand
Slipping right from your hand

We've traded on our dreams
Health, happiness, and homes
But corruption makes the rounds
Stacking money on every roll
There are monkeys writin' rules
Building prisons for our kids
Squeezing dry our dreamers
Cashing in their bets

May the road rise up to meet you
But faith not make you blind
To all the gifts that silence brings
To all that comes of making noise
And if you find yourself alone
Driving by candlelight
Open your doors and gather
We’re all in this together

We’re all together
We’re driving by candlelight
All together
Where our lives once had grown
We’re all together
We’re driving by candlelight
All together
We’re all together
All together

From "Driving By Candlelight"

Morning Time Lovers Waltz (Dan Frechette)
Morning time lovers awoke ‘neath the dawn
Beautiful music crept down through the trees
Maybe someday I will write a true song
About a young morning time lover and me

You were a stranger when nothing was pretty
You sang of devils who played with your mind
When I first saw you, you put on a sad smile
’Til your beauty touched me these streets were not mine

My longing was matched by someone who loved me
I sat down yesterday, wrote a new song
This is to you my sweet morning time lover
Morning time lovers awoke ‘neath the dawn

From "Driving By Candlelight"

When You Come My Way (Dan Frechette)
When you come my way, baby, you’ll never be alone
You'll never wake in the night, and be on your own
You won't cry the blues, for things sad lovers do
I won't make you cry, and that is why I want to be near you

Your heart shines golden, baby, your eyes burn my dreams
I go through these days knowing, what a gift true love means
And I'm open to waiting, I want you to call my name

I'm willing to do anything, it takes to treat you kind
To be your sweet lover, it’s worth it this time
When you smiled to me, when you caught my eye
When you come my way, baby, you'll never be alone
When you come my way, baby, you'll never be alone

From "Driving By Candlelight"

Jester (Laurel Thomsen)
There's no room for the jester
In the house upon the hill
He wanders through our dreams
Not quite what he seems
Shadows paint pictures
Across a frozen land
Clocks tick tock
Where beauty never stands

(chorus) Slow down, slow down, Sally
Fess up, fess up, Freddie
Back down, back down, Billy
It's too late when you're dead

The jester's counting hours
In all the streets below
He tries to get a rise
Trying to surprise
Couples take to marching
They’re gathering more things
So many tied together
But only by their rings

There's no room for the jester
In the house upon the hill
His picture's fading fast
In storybooks of the past
To the edge of time we're rovin'
We might fall right off the end
Exploding like a dream
The joy we forgot to spend

From "Driving By Candlelight"

The Crow Flies High (Laurel Thomsen)
Storm clouds rage beyond the land
Where people rise to take a stand
But what will come of all their pleas
With wisdom scattered in the weeds
Forgotten beauties, remaining seeds

(chorus) The crow flies high
Beyond the sky
Spirits stand
Reach out their hands

And who am I
When all will die
And only land
Will weep with sand

Our hearts break for the ones who've gone
We come to sing their final songs
But what is death to a soul now free?
To live beyond the memories
Remember who we forgot to be

In quiet corners, bright lights shine
Whispers call us to align
The prayers stream in from every side
In fertile soil to reside
In rapture all our hearts collide

From "Driving By Candlelight"

The Seeds That You Won't Sow (Dan Frechette)
(chorus) Love in the rain
Walk in the world
Laugh in the wind
All you boys and you girls
Time is rolling on
No matter how you blow
No answers you may find
From the seeds that you won't sow

You're on your own again, with a little bit of time
You'll spend it on addiction, some downhill road you'll climb
Just sitting by your lonesome, connected to the world
A future of regrets all you boys and you girls

Think back to those years, before this came along
You used to cook together, and sing all your songs
But now you share your links, and nobody's getting on
There's another hour been wasted, and another path foregone

From "Driving By Candlelight"

Back From Heaven (Dan Frechette)
Summer lies
Summarize the chances we've been taking, all this time
Angels fly
There ain't no way a devil can be sailing, off the ground
Off the ground

(chorus) So smile, there's nothing here to do but just be sailing now
We've made it back from heaven, it's all good somehow
No more chances wasted, say goodbye

She relates
Pulls strings from all the vampires she has chosen, her battleground
He relates
Tries to fit her stories and he aches, for common ground
For common ground

Doubts behind smiles, broken hearts, torn desires
Amber sunsets, stars, and open spirits, finding fire
Finding fire

From "Driving By Candlelight"

To Keep You Company (Dan Frechette)
Remember when we used to walk upon the water?
And we never thought we'd ever fall through?
We always knew each other, even when we were strangers
We washed in each others’ tears when we were blue
I loved you

I'm glad I found you, in a moment, in a lifetime
And we kissed ‘neath the rising sun, afraid it was too soon to tell
And every chance I had to say I loved you
Was somehow lost in the disappearing breeze
I loved you

I haven't come to visit your familiar tones of home
I drifted away, unafraid to be alone
But I have written you thirty sad letters
To keep you company, and were written in stone

Just like this letter, which I sing to you now
You may not choose to sing along, you may not know how
But these words are yours
To keep you company
I love you

From "Driving By Candlelight"

Ragtime Baby (Dan Frechette)
(chorus) Ragtime baby won't you sing for me
Ragtime baby won't you sing for me
I've been blue and busted out on bluegrass street

Ragtime woman I'm cooked and solid gone
Ragtime woman left me here to sing a song
She's gotta hit me with progress, hit me with a bill
When I pull out my money she'll go straight for the kill

I got twenty years on the kids you'll kiss for free
I got open holes in the legs of my old blue jeans
I can't go on, living like this
Adding to the list of every day of fun I've missed

She'll pull my lucky card and we'll hit the town
There's lonely times whether or not you're settled down
Better to be sane, better to be free
Don't need no tedious company

From "Driving By Candlelight"

Mandolino Waltz (Dan Frechette)
Confusion has made a mystery of me
Nowhere I go do I feel free
Seems now and then, when I meet you again, I can’t think of what to say
It makes no sense to love you when you’re taking my senses away

(chorus) And I look to the ocean the horizon has no faults
When I’m in your horizon let’s dance the mandolino waltz
This poor boy’s in love with you
He can’t do somersaults
But I can ask you, “Kind miss, could I steal a kiss
as we dance the Mandolino waltz?”

I sit down to have a smoke, collect my memories
But nothing comes to mind but this old Spanish melody
Where do you go when you’re floating on conversation?
I wish I could find that place in my imagination

You don’t know how much I wish I could give you a laugh
How can I kiss you when I ain’t made it past a paragraph?
You’re quickly losing interest to that old man across the room
He’s told you about love, he wants to be my doom

From "Driving By Candlelight"

New York City Sundance (Dan Frechette)
It's a New York City Sundance
I was breathing all the air
It's about time I got the world out of my hair
The Gods they must be crazy
Because I've been sending it to the sun
This feeling that I'd hoped someday to become someone

(chorus) But you can call me friend
But it better feel that way
‘Cause I'm young inside
And I'm living no lies
Loving something with my faith

My peace is all that I have
I’ve been steering clear from the dark
And I was watching the wheels on fire while I lit my spark
And everywhere I was hungry
And everywhere I was free
I was inside paying homage to the outsider in me

I saw this whole world dying as I watched that Sundance crying on the field
It's a New York City Sundance
It's a New York City morning
It's a New York City Sundance
Watch the wheels slowing down

From "Driving By Candlelight"

New Disguise (Dan Frechette)
I've sold it all. I ain't got a home.
Clothes on my back. I don't need no comb.
I can't wait to feel you, feel you in my arms until I die.
To tell this world how I love your sweetest laugh.
What your joy brings me even through a photograph.
I can't wait to feel you, feel you in my arms until I die.

(chorus) The sun is shining all over my life and
baby you're the reason for the season of my new disguise.

Stockpile the money for a plan B or C.
Every plan I make involves your sweet company.
I can't wait to feel you, feel you in my arms until I die.
Whoever wants you, you tell them it's too late
and you talk all about my heart, baby, ain't that great?
I can't wait to feel you, feel you in my arms until I die.

We're hoping this time just flies on by.
We'll hide what we can from the electric eye.

From "New Disguise"

It's A New Day (Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen)
It's a new day.
Here's to the straight path.
It's a new day.
A nimble heart and skates to smooth your ride.
It's a babe's view.
Here's to the blue skies.
It's a new day.
Uncluttered thoughts and wonder all around.

(chorus) Falling see the beauty in my sky.
Landing see the nest I hold.
In your dark hour let me shine a light
on your lonely trail coming through my door.
It's a new day.

It's a long life.
Here's to the sweethearts.
It's a new day.
Some time to share and friends to walk the mile.
It's a babe's view.
Here's to the blue skies.
It's a new day.
A nimble heart and wonder all around.

From "New Disguise"

The Mists Of Down Below (Dan Frechette)
Wild wind, take me home to the mists of down below.
I'll be flying come September day.
With no borders in my way, you'll find me home until the May sun burns
the heavy mists of down below.

(chorus) I see the rivers flooding strong and people wishing they belonged
Free for anywhere they want to go.
When they pray they can look to the sky
and they'll see me as I pass by
heading for the mists of down below.

Without fields ripe from rain there ain't no way to feed my pain
dreaming of the mists of down below.
Down below is not my fate, there is no land from where I came
not even mists of old Mexico.

So I looked hard at reasons for the dreamers blowing door to door
dreaming of the mists of down below.
I'm sure they'd go anywhere they could if wings became their neighborhoods
and there would be nowhere they wouldn't know.

From "New Disguise"

Saturday Night Will Be Rocking (Dan Frechette)
This love was meant to be forever.
A world I found in your song.
If your song played forever I'd find the world to sing along.
Take my light forever I'll let it shine until I'm gone
and I won't speak of pain.
I'll dream of times that we shone.

(chorus) Saturday night will be rocking. Keep me warming up.
With my lullaby angel in this rough and tumble world
we never get enough of each other.

I only want to comfort you. Sing away your pain.
Sometimes I'll need it to. Life can be a guessing game.
Take my light forever, I'll let it shine until I'm gone
and I won't speak of pain. I'll dream my happiness away.

Love me lost, love me lonely. Your world won't be denied.
I'll hold your dreams together in the sky where they can't hide.
We'll find happiness through thunder, no matter how we wander on.
Take my light forever and this darkness it rests upon.

From "New Disguise"

Sure Fire Way Of Taking (Dan Frechette)
I've got sure fire way of taking 'til that little heart of mine is breaking.
I'm hard to take and shake and make myself get down.
I've got that old standby just waiting for a new flirtation with my satan
and I can't guarantee I won't run you around.

(chorus) I've got that old campfire swaying and I'm drunk but I'm still playing.
Not caving in to the glare behind the dawn.
I'm going to write her an old time love line and sing it in a song a thousand times
to make up for the times I put her on.

She's just a dreamer. I'm just a coffee in need of creamer.
I'm bitterly just hoping to get by.
She's had many years going crazy being treated just like a lady.
I'm hard to take on the ground my money's tied.

From "New Disguise"

A New Song Of Beauty (Dan Frechette)
I sang a song quickly, it came from a mountain.
It came from a mountain and it laid in the sand.
Out of the great nowhere a new song was singing.
I felt it inside me going out to the land.

She wasn't a sad song or one I could hold on.
It was a sweet melody of plain truth to me.
She stayed in my heart and I heard it forever.
It was in my last moments before I would sleep.

(chorus) Ooooh, sing a new song of beauty.
Ooooh, sing a song to feel through me.
Ooooh, sing a song to be with me.
Ooooh, a new song of beauty.

When sadness blew through the life I could not tame
with the people so wild with their sorrow and pain.
I felt the song shiver and bring me back to beauty.
Beauty I'd heard and felt were the same.

As evening passes through days long together,
when the nights are so silent while the dead reach the sky.
I'll always remember this new song of beauty.
It will always sing in me 'til my heart runs dry.

From "New Disguise"

Renegades (Dan Frechette)
Crying at the blue in the moon on a night that still ain't dawned.
Which side are they on? How they shook us down so long.
There was nothing right to say watch our whole life fade away.
Caught between compliance and sticking it to the man.

Lone nights have filled the time we're wasting.
Thank the stars for the beauty we're still painting.

(chorus) They can't take our love away, true soul never dies.
We'll be renegades torn apart no more.
When we tried to give some light to hide this night away,
since she's gone, I've been a wildfire in a storm.

If we don't go crazy, we'll be bound to lose our minds.
We'll give them everything they want so we can carry on these ties.
She's a keeper and she never whined in the cold.
This love's too young to go, "some space between the notes."

When unfair world undermine, even with a case of blues we'll shine.

If we could do it all over like a song, before the poisoned paperwork
drove the situation wrong.
When we tried to give some light to hide this night away,
since she's gone, I've been a wildfire in a storm.
Since she's gone, I've been a wildfire in a storm.

From "New Disguise"

The Beauty Doesn't Know (Laurel Thomsen)
You say it's hard to fly but my feet don't touch the ground.
Would you root my wings and watch me tiptoe to my dreams?
You say we can't know the future, but my eyes have seen the sunsets
painted between heaven and earth, and know this day's a masterpiece.

(chorus) Because the beauty doesn't know the rose from weed,
the man from the babe, the storm that shakes the trees.
The beauty doesn't find a road painted black,
but a wild horse charging me home.

You say that nothing lasts but my vision burns your sight.
Would you see me clear and battle a different fight?
You say that love's a duty, but my days have seen the comfort
of warm hearts holding space, and know that love will always be.

Hold tight.
Loose rein.
All of your might, hold tight!
All of your dreams, all of your light,
it's alright.

From "New Disguise"

Little Bird (Laurel Thomsen)
Little bird, little bird, crying in a cage.
Trying to assuage the tears that run down.
Wounded or burned, your beauty shines through night.
Your song fulfills my night, and freedom clouds float high above
the shattered stories gone.

(chorus) Just let them fall, let them fall, fate scrawled upon your wall.
A breaking heart will mend and you'll be whole again, my friend.
Just let them fall.

Little bird, little bird, sorry that you bleed.
Don't perceive the need to lock the pains away.
When in the end, you'll spread your wings and fly,
circle to the sky.
Shatter off your chains and let them tumble to the ground.

If you take my hand, I'll make sure you stand.
See you through the end.
To catch the dreams you left behind, afraid to carry on.

Little bird, little bird. Let's picnic in the sun.
I thought our time had come, but now you're sitting near.
Glory be found, we'll pick feathers from the trees,
fall down on our knees.
Thank the angels who fell before you to soften up your fall.

From "New Disguise"

Puddles In The Rain (Dan Frechette)
They're walking through life's little puddles in the rain,
looking for meaning in any kind of pain. Ooooh.
Daddy's sore, mama's working twice the time.
They're asking me for money but I ain't got a dime. Ooooh.

Sometimes I wonder why I was born.
To find a little line to walk when all I've got for shoes is torn.
Walking through the puddles in the rain.

Broken woman and man, staring at their lively child.
Wondering where their heartbeats went.
In the corner where their dreams are piled. Ooooh.
Walking through the puddles in the rain.

Walking through life's little puddles in the rain, on my way
to the big diesel train. Ooooh.
I'll be walking out when the sun is on the rise and I can see the happiness
in everybody's eyes. Ooooh.

To look at meaning, you've got to take yourself away.
Pretend you were never born, and that's how it's gonna stay.
Then you will see, it ain't you or me.
We're all walking through the puddles in the rain.

Sweet crystal youth, in the land of destruction.
Strung out on proof of the hand of corruption.
Waiting to die and burning the slums with their eyes.
Walking through the puddles in the rain.

Walking through life's little puddles in the rain.
Looking for meaning in any kind of pain. Ooooh.

From "New Disguise"

Love Will Leave You Where You Belong (Dan Frechette)
Your heart is yours to give to all
And keep to mine should darkness fall.
You’re there to share some time with me
But we are nothing, we are free.

I believe that love is a story told.
Love has no perceptions to hold.
So if you must wander on
Love will leave you where you belong.

When I feel and see your smile
I’ll walk along with you a mile.
You may stay or you may drift.
Your presence anytime is a gift.

Just be free and know you’ll always be a
spirit that means this much to me.
So when you must wander on
Love will leave you where you belong.

From "Dan & Laurel"

On My Own (Dan Frechette)
When I first saw you I wanted to kiss you
Take you from this town, on our knees we would pray.
Spend all our fortune and money together.
Making a path for the gypsy highway.

A thief of thoughts. A beggar of dreams.
I made you broke. We prayed for a scheme.
Making the thunder roll hard on the scene.
Trying to find a battle of the world.

I thought it would change but the change never came.
There were blue jeans full of tears and cheap shirts full of shame.
You had to go and leave the sinking ship behind you.
Since you’ve been gone I’ve been trying to find you.

(chorus) Everybody likes me on my own
Since you’ve been gone.
The picture is looking good but the inside is feeling wrong.
‘Til God works his beauty I’ll be living it day by day by day by day.
‘Til God works his beauty I’ll be living it day by day by day by day.

I’ll get out to the ocean
With a slide toward the moon.
I’ll get out the soap
I’ve used since I lost the spoon.
Hey, there’s a way back without danger or black eyes
I’ll wait to see you misty ‘til the anger in me dies.

I’ll comfort the fragments of memories with visits.
Touching the beach with these memories of misfits.
Wishing I was gone on this path with you.
You’ve got me crying.
Sand in my eyes and in my shoes.

From "Dan & Laurel"

Dawning Of A New Day (Dan Frechette/Tania Elizabeth)
Tired of drifting in this crazy dream
my two feet running low on gasoline.
Everywhere I’m going I’m trying to set the scene
For the dawning of a new day.
Finally deciding to make the change.
I’ve got this head full of rhythm but this fog in my brain.
Listen sweet sister I’m about to catch a train
To the dawning of a new day.

(chorus) As long as I remember the sun’s been down.
Can’t find the truth in the truth I found.
I’m sailing on the river and the stars are about to drown
Into the dawning of a new day, the dawning of a new day.

Take this train along with me.
We can’t stay here. We’ve got to get free.
So say goodbye to the gray machine that’s chained to the crown
Of the sinister queen.

We board the train together and the sun is rising high.
We’re dancing and laughing as the world is going by.
The sky is on fire and we’re basking in the rays of the dawning of a new day.
Tired of drifting in this crazy dream
my two feet running low on gasoline.
Everywhere I’m going I’m trying to set the scene
For the dawning of a new day.

From "Dan & Laurel"

The Other Side (Dan Frechette)
I took all my shortcomings and I made them into something
By seeing a bright future in the baddest of times.
Some places I got fired, other places still desired.
Nothing much matters if there’s no one on your side.

(chorus) Wide is the future.
Tall is the saddle.
Fast is the big horse
This pain of mine will ride on.
Good are the people who will help me through the fire.
I have seen the wreckage and I’m out the other side.

Those bills were there for paying.
I was leaving, they were staying.
There was nothing much I wanted but escaping with my pride.
The preacher told me, “son, just remember who you are.”
I have seen the wreckage and I’m out the other side.

There’s places we can go to be alone in nature
and heal through the silence when we reach the other side.
Take away all longing from you.
See the morning light in plain view.
The valley and the mountain are both on the other side.

From "Dan & Laurel"

My Canada (Dan Frechette)
This heaven is my Canada so proud so wide.
I've seen marshes, woodlands, Rockies, fields and rising tides
Seen a lot of worlds I've known go to waste now in my time
But I will not be blind to the crimes against my country.

As I go through this old world so far from here.
The horizons, lakes, and futures never seem as clear
as this rapture of the hinterland I hold so dear.
I will not be blind to crimes against my country.

To keep this land preserved, protected from tyranny
Governments and policy raise fears in me.
I hope someday to simply see my children grow
In this place I call Canada my life and home.

It's not too hard to imagine papers being signed
By the stiff suits we'll elect because the saints resign
And the bulldozers beating all the very fields
our forebears served for many years for many yields.

And the woods and fields all gone to fire and condemnation.
Wetlands, marshes gone to fire and excavations.
and the youth in suits who grow to learn to love the crime
but I will not be blind to the crimes against my country.

This heaven is my Canada so proud so wide.
I've seen marshes, woodlands, Rockies, fields and rising tides.
Seen a lot of worlds I've known go to waste now in my time
But I will not be blind to the crimes against my country.

From "Dan & Laurel"

Mr. Right Overnight (Dan Frechette)
He searched with tears for years to find the lady who could be his bride.
He broke the hearts of many and he carried it so deep inside.
Until one day he sang a miracle song
and the right girl came along.
Now he's sorry so don't you ever fall again for Mr. Wrong.

He's so happy to be seen with her
dancing on the edge of town.
She's happy that there's no careless love
never will he let her down.
He knows that love is real
this time around in how her kisses feel.
Now he's sorry you won't ever fall again for Mr. Wrong.

(chorus) Mr. Wrong is Mr. Right overnight
and she's happier than sunshine
and he's dancing in her light.
There were times he wondered in the past
if he should wait for the one who'd last.
Now Mr. Wrong became Mr. Right overnight.

Broken hearts were once his crown
and he couldn't love nobody once they stuck around.
Now he's sorry so don't you ever fall again for Mr. Wrong.

From "Dan & Laurel"

The King Of Spades (Dan Frechette)
There is a wild old gambler
He just turned 85.
He loves his tango dancing
martini’s keep him alive.
He leaves you with a melody
he sang back in the war
of the lovely little Linda,
the girl who left him sore.

(chorus) "Aller ou? Aller la!
Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?
Aller out? Aller la!"
"I am the king of spades, dear maid,
and you can call me sire!"

He regales you with a tale
how he led a brigade
and pillaged every village
with his trusty king of spades.
When he left the army
the main tale he would tell
was of a lovely little Linda,
a girl we all know well.

When he came back from Normandy
he searched for years in vain
for the lovely little Linda
who crowned him King Of Spades.
For 55 years he lived with his staid darling wife
and when she died he could finally tell the best lie of his life.

From "Dan & Laurel"

Horse and Buggy Rag (Dan Frechette)
What could I do to get those horse and buggy days back?
What I’d do?
What I’d do?
To get the water from the well and the fat from the land not the fast track
What I’d do?
What I’d do?
Sure I’d have to drink some liquor if I had a cut to stitch
And I wouldn’t be rich
Or be in high demand!
But I’d sure love to take my horse and buggy home, mac!
'Deed I would!
'Deed I would!

And I wish I were there at "The Battle Of Deputies Run."
'Deed I do!
'Deed I do!
I’d be wearing my best and standing out there in the sun!
'Deed I would!
'Deed I would!
I’d have the butt end of my pistol pointing to the mess!
And I’d pull that pistol
My law wouldn’t let me rest!
I wish I were there at "The Battle Of Deputies Run."
'Deed I do!
'Deed I do!

I could wait for my lassie while she’s bound on the homeward train!
'Deed I would!
'Deed I would!
We could marry on a word and never have trouble again!
'Deed I would!
'Deed I would!
I could be a high rolling tycoon in the moonshine trade
Roll into town in my buggy coach and make my daily promenade!
What could I do to get the horse and buggy days back?
What I’d do?
What I’d do?

From "Dan & Laurel"

Why Do Angels Fly? (Dan Frechette)
A pretty little girl asked her Daddy,
said, "Dad, why do angels fly?"
he said, "'Because there's a little light from heaven
holding them up in the sky."
And the pretty little girl asked her daddy,
"Why's the light in the sky?"
he said, "that light comes from rainbows
and rainbows teach the angels to fly."

So the little girl went and chased rainbows
seeking for her wings
she dreamed of all sorts of schemes
and crazy little things
like hiding when the rain fell
and sneaking up on one
when the rain cleared and the fields were lit
by an unsuspecting sun.

She thought she'd spied her angel
in a cloud up in the sky
but that cloud changed shape
and the little girl soon began to cry.
She then saw her daddy in her heart
in a different sort of way
as a man who knows no angels
and played some guessing games.
She grew not to hear her daddy
And stories that he told.
She no longer asked his secrets
For the way that things unfold.
She read and she kept silent
until she left his home
and she never thought of angels
until she had her own.

Her little daughter asked her,
"Mommy, why do angels fly?"
She said, "Baby, you're my angel
and I'll tell you why..
You're right here beside me
you're all that I know
when you're here you make me happy
and I'd be sad if you'd go
so see that rainbow in the sky
and the sunshine in the rain
that's how you make me feel inside
my little angel without wings."

Her little daughter said, "Mommy, I love you
and I'm happy that you love me,
but I think I just saw Grandpa
crying behind that tree."

From "Dan & Laurel"

The Countryside Of Life (Dan Frechette)
Life is an easy ride
rambling around the countryside.
Take a load off in your pickup truck
it's been so long since your heart got stuck.
Waiting for the wheels to turn
and some good cash to burn.
Rambling around the countryside of life.

Easy street’s a gravel road
that turns and ends at the fishing hole.
If only they could see you now
with all your dreams you could show them how
you left the county with your unsung verse
when you carried the devils curse.
Rambling around the countryside of life.

You made yourself hard to control
always falling for the jelly roll.
After two years of breaking down
you couldn't find a ride in from town.
A sweet angel took you in
she planted seeds with her red rose grin.
Rambling around the countryside of life.

Life is an easy ride
rambling around the countryside.

From "Dan & Laurel"

My Bride and I (Dan Frechette)
Echo of blue water I’ll never leave your side.
Your ocean sky my blanket your starlight as my guide.
Drift along this weightless whale so festooned in the sea.
My bride and I, my ship my sail, my dream dreaming of thee.

For many nights and moonlights I’ve waited on ‘ere shore.
For the sea to come to rescue me from loneliness and war.
The broken hearts cast aside as ships were floating free.
My bride and I, my ship, my sail, my dream dreaming of thee.

Without an answer to my shadow I foretold the tombs.
The hollow ghost broke open, the rising of typhoons.
Whispers turned to storms anchors held onto debris.
And my bride and I, my ship, my sail, the dream was lost on me .

I died inside her breasts I kissed the last of air farewell.
The morning sun was rising as she floated through the dell,
My love was sinking low but I thanked the Lord for thee.
My bride and I, My ship, my sail, my dream dreaming of thee.

From "Dan & Laurel"

Who Will Take My Place? (Dan Frechette)
If they shoot me down to shut me down
Who will take my place?
If they bring an army into this town
Who will take my place?
if they rule this land and silence me
when I'm laid out with injury
When my words won't matter anymore
Who will take my place?

Rebellion you are not my own
Who will take my place?
There are flowers painted on these stones
Who will take my place?
When the silence of oppression dies
overheard beyond the battle cries
will be the words of final compromise
Who will take my place?

When the dogs of war are on the land
Who will take my place?
When you forfeit life to take a stand
Who will take my place?
When the dreamers fear the simplest thoughts
When the bloodshed takes all that you've got
When this world is just an empty, creaking floor
Who will take my place?

From "Dan & Laurel"

Going Out On My Own Again (Dan Frechette)
Catch you tomorrow when I'm going
And I'll be on my way
I'm going to travel to the end of the world
Where everyone feels the same

(chorus) When I'm leaving please don't call my name
And tell me not to go on my way
Because I don't want to feel afraid
Going out on my own again

I'm going where the song and dance man
Breaks the silence with his song
I'm going where the laughter and smiles
Know where to belong

Catch you tomorrow when I'm going
Leaving your world behind
But I'll remember how you helped me
Kick my shoes off for a while.

When I'm leaving won't you call my name
and tell me you will see me on my way
Because I don't want to feel ashamed
Going out on my own
Going out on my own
Going out on my own again.

From "Dan & Laurel"

I Always Dream (Dan Frechette)
I always dream
of taking her places
showing her the mountains
walking by the sea
I always wish
for a deck full of aces
and I'll take anything
good fortune hands to me.

I'll see her smiling softly at my bad joke
I hear her laughter echo in my mind
I feel the wheels take me where I miss her
long shadows pass before my lonely eyes

She's the freedom I've always wanted
she's the meaning to the long story I've told
she's the caress I want in my longing
she's the greatest hand that I can hold.

From "Dan & Laurel"

In Your Life (Dan Frechette)
In your life
You’ll meet a lot of people.
Some are nice, some.
Some will guide you through scenes of good and bad.
Some will sit back and watch.

(chorus) Most will cherish you while you’re still by their side.
I won’t forget the one whom I love in the meantime.

In your life
You’ll see some different places.
Your friends will come and go.
Some will follow you without hesitation.
Some won’t see you to their door.

When the time comes
To find some new love
I’ll go and see you on your way.
You’ll pack your cold gun
Just for some strange fun
But I know that we all make mistakes.

In your life
You’ll meet a lot of people.
Some are nice, some.
Some will guide you through scenes of good and bad.
Some will sit back and watch.

From "Dan & Laurel"

Comrades (Laurel Thomsen)
Old man fear is ten feet tall
Thinks he’s small
Thin as all.
Old man fear is ten feet tall
Foil wraps his head
Filled with thoughts of dread.

Lady sorrow dressed in black
She looks back
Down the track.
Lady sorrow dressed in black
Sunlight she sees not
Only baggage brought.

Young man haste has no time
In his prime
Spare no dime.
Young man haste has no time
No concern or care
Off to who knows where.

(chorus) Down, down, down
Comrades take me down.
Down, down, down
Purge me of the past
Phoenix rising fast.

Mother worry wrings her hands
Doorway stands
Cropland scans.
Mother worry wrings her hands.
Mouth drawn thin and tight.
Knuckles hard and white.

Daughter anger makes a scene
She’s 15, mouth obscene.
Daughter anger makes a scene.
Pushes love away
Welcomes foe and fray.

Thought we’d break
Those that we weren’t.
Might forget memories that made us and
Perhaps become
Too perfect to be loved.
Time marches on and old clothes must be traded.

Old man fear is ten feet tall
Thinks he’s small
Thin as all.
Old man fear is ten feet tall
Foil wraps his head
Filled with thoughts of dread.

From "Dan & Laurel"

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