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We'll be recording our fourth album and have a few days between tours here to announce the launch of our new CD pre-order funding campaign.

We'll have until midnight PDT on May 30th to reach our funding goal, or unfortunately we won't get a penny of the funding our fans have pledged. That's a little scary, but also exciting. This funding will cover our costs in the recording studio, working with great people to record, mix, and master the album, hiring some talented studio musicians to help flesh out the arrangements on certain songs, the photography, a graphic designer, manufacturing the physical copies, and also the CD promotion to radio and print media.

It's time to rouse the support and make this happen! Here's our campaign link If all goes well with this funding project, we'll head into the studio in June and have a finished fourth album ready for our Fall tours!

4 ways you can help:

  1. Make a pledge! We want to give everyone the chance to take part and make a difference. So, we're excited to report that if every one of our mailing list subscribers were to pledge just $3, we'll more than meet our funding goal! That's before any of our fans on social media even step in. This means that YOU CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE! And, for your $3 pledge, you'll get the single from the album before anyone else. That's pretty cool, and means you'll get a head start learning all the lyrics so you can sing along at the CD release show! Since not everyone will open our emails or see our social media posts, if you can pledge a bit more, consider pledging to receive a digital download of the entire album ($10), or "splurge" on a signed physical copy which will include all the artwork, liner notes, and lyrics ($20 plus shipping). There are a number of pre-order prizes for supporters of all income levels to enjoy, and you can come back and pledge for more than one prize, making tough decisions easy if you have the money to pledge. Just click here, check out our campaign page and video, and when you're ready to pledge, click the green "Back this project" button to the right of the video: Thank you for your support!

  2. Share our campaign with your friends! You've seen us perform live. You've vetted us. You love our music and we're confident you'll fall in love with our new collection of original songs, some of which many of you have heard at recent concerts. So, share our campaign with all your friends who might otherwise never hear about us! We can't wait to meet them! Send this link and talk us up! You might also share our YouTube video playlist with them so they can hear more and get excited about who they'll be supporting. See:

  3. Come to a show and share our tour dates! While this may not seem to directly help our pre-order funding campaign, at every show we're making new friends and connections, gathering new mailing list sign-ups, and sending more CDs off to good homes. Our career is a community driven effort. We stay on the road because you keep asking us to come share our music with you and our audiences keep growing. Thank you!

  4. Host us for a house concert! While we enjoy playing festivals and theaters, we would never give up the intimacy of the house concerts which make up 75% of our tour dates. We enjoy the grassroots nature of house concerts - most are not publicly promoted, meaning they spread word of mouth and build as one music lover finds another. We also enjoy the community aspect - witnessing neighbors shaking hands for the first time, breaking bread with new friends, sharing lovely conversations with guests and signing everyone's CDs. If you have space in your home, garden, or community center for 20-60+ people, and friends and family members eager to sit close, hear all the lyrics, stories, and musical nuances, to laugh, feel, and make new friends, let's talk! We'd love to get you booked on our CD release tours this Fall and into 2019! Send us an email at We can't wait!

As always, you can track our progress with the fundraiser, the new CD, and around the globe by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram.

Heading into the rest of the year, we'll be in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest coming up here in May, playing in California and at some festivals in Manitoba and Alberta this summer, and touring the Canadian Prairies and the New England/Central East Coast region in the Fall.

We hope to still fill in a few tour dates surrounding those Canadian summer festivals, an Alberta "Home Routes" house concert tour in September, and the Eastern US tour in October/November. If you're interested in hosting us for a house concert or have a venue or co-bill in mind for us, please email us at

Now, let's hit this fundraiser out of the park!!

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