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Well, we actually don't know how to get to #1 on the radio, without spending about a million dollars, but miraculously, our third album, Between the Rain sat at #1 for three straight weeks in Winnipeg, Canada's music hub, which is quite the honor, as well as ranking within the top five on the national Roots charts for most of this summer. Maybe third time's the charm??

Most importantly, we hope YOU have been enjoying the album as much as we did writing the songs and creating the arrangements (especially Dan, playing a borrowed Double Bass and drum kit - he has still never met the mystery folks who owned those instruments...). If you haven't picked up a copy yet, just come to a show or click the link here. We were reported to be the only artists playing the Winnipeg Folk Festival this summer not on Spotify or Apple Music. We're not sure if that's a dumb move or a brilliant one in this day and age, but we're holding out none the less with our dueling green sharpies forever ready for autographing.

Speaking of the Folk Fest, my goodness!! It took us a good week to recover. What a whirlwind of an amazing experience! Here we are playing a mainstage "tweener" on opening night:

The festival kept us insanely busy, with seven appearances, including mentoring in the young performers program. We were inspired by many of the new friends we made, and seriously impressed by the organization of the festival - from the dedication to sustainability, to the lack of trash anywhere, and reportedly, the 2500 volunteers keeping everyone happy, schlepped, sounding good and fed. The mosquitoes of course were another situation all together... Dan started a clapping frenzy during our set at the “Little Stage in the Forest” which allowed the audience to kill off at least a few thousand and finish the show in relative peace. Here's Winnipeg artist James Culleton's rendering:

The mosquitoes will hopefully be dead or hibernating by the time fly to Canada again later this month to play Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. But first, we have a few dates to finish up around the California Bay Area, including one with our neighbors as a new band "The Dooners" featuring famous and lesser known hits from Folk to Motown as well as the American River Music Festival up in gold country. We hope to see you soon!

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