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We're very excited to announce that we'll be officially releasing our new CD "New Disguise" online for worldwide download tomorrow, June 10th! To celebrate, we'll also be having a streaming live concert via Concert Window. The concert is free, but we’ll be accepting tips and anyone who tips $7 will get a download of the new album (and that’s nearly a $3 discount compared to iTunes and CDBaby). See for online concert details.

"New Disguise" features uplifting, rhythmic, and harmonically rich violin and guitar, smooth harmonies, and vivid, literate lyrics across eclectic acoustic genres. We're taking our music even further into fascinating depths of emotion and meaning and hope you'll consider this album a must have!

We really appreciate the over 70 Kickstarter supporters who helped make this album possible, and want to extend another thank you to Justin Meyer and his fine audio engineering, Jamie Sitar and his quick and masterful mastering, as well as the wonderful musicians who added the finishing touches to our duo sound: Tracy Parker, double bass; Jimmy Norris, percussion; Patti Maxine, lap steel; Shannon Warto, harmony vocals; and Gianni Staiano, organ. Everyone played such an essential role and helped this come together in record time (pun intended).

Hope you’ll check out the new tunes and let us know what you think!

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