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We're wrapping up October with two remaining California concerts before we head out for a three week tour of the New England and the East Coast in November. Then upon our return to California we’ll wrap up shows for 2015 with a "Hootenanny" at Don Quixote's on December 20th filled with music from some of our favorite local friends. We'll of course play some too. Check our Facebook page or tour calendar for details as that comes together.

For the Californians, we hope to see you at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz on October 25th co-billing with Amy Obenski, or for two intimate sets in Boulder Creek at the Lillie Aeske House Concert on October 30th (very cool space!). We'll be trying out some of the new tunes slated for the CD we'll start recording in December.

Finally, we'd love to ask a favor. Can you please share our dates for our upcoming Eastern tour with any friends you might have in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, or Maryland? It will be our first time to most of these places and we could use some personal "thumbs ups" from people who know and support us. Thank you so much!

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