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Today, along with our "After the Fire" album release, Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Frechette and I are releasing a music video for "Money Shouldn't Talk That Strong," another of the new songs. Enjoy a behind the scenes glimpse of our recording process (simulated in Dan's new "mighty tight" studio that has been rebuilt since the 2020 fire that nearly caused us to lose everything including the "After the Fire" tracks that we were just finishing up recording - thank you Rachel & Steve, and my father, Ken!!). We enjoyed arranging and recording all the instruments we added to this one and share throughout the video - violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass, drums, harmonies, and we hope you'll feel empowered by the song's message.

We recorded another Violin Geek Podcast episode about the making of "Money Shouldn't Talk That Strong." Dan and I share details about the song's origin and lyrics, our recording process, particularly Dan's approach to layering guitar, bass, and drums, and my approach to composing and recording the violin, viola, and cello parts, as well as the making of the song's music video above. Enjoy!

Order signed physical copies and exclusive downloads (including MP3 and WAV versions, album art, liner notes, lyrics) of the new album here. You can also find the album on a variety of streaming platforms and online stores. We look forward to sharing the album with more of you in the coming days!

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