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We've just released a new music video!

Country Beauty Queen was among the first batch of songs we collaborated on as a duo back in 2013, but it took a while to find its way onto an album and even longer to get its own music video. The timing just had to be right.

In a small town it's always bittersweet when someone finds love. On one hand, we're happy for the new couple. On the other, it becomes even more apparent that the pool of eligible singles is shrinking!

We thought we'd release the video on May 3rd in honor of Dan's mom's birthday. Born and raised in the small town of Saint Malo in southern Manitoba, Agnes fell in love with sewing and made clothes for herself and her siblings from a young age. She's a true country beauty queen and we wish her many more happy birthdays!

We filmed the video at the historic homestead property at Wilder Ranch State Park, not far from where we live, and Laurel put it all together along with other footage she found online to help tell the story.

Please enjoy and share!

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