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Happy Holidays!!

We hope our last post of 2022 finds you well and enjoying a joyous and restful season. It's been a busy year for us, and we're looking forward to spending some time with family and friends, even if in many cases it's still virtually, in the coming weeks. However, we're really excited to share our latest music video with YOU today! Please click the video below to check it out!

Background on the song: Featured on our fifth duo album After the Fire, which we released in early 2022, our original pop-folk song "Together Again" celebrates love and friendship, with the hope that we'll all be able to be together again. Hey, this holiday season, or very soon, it might actually happen! For the album track, Dan recorded 12-string guitar, vocals, bass, and drums, while Laurel contributed violin and vocals. It was produced and mixed by the two of us in Dan's home studio space before it burned down in the CZU Fire.

About making the video: We had hoped to release a video for this song last December, ahead of the album release, however, the timing was too tight. With additional Covid waves soon hitting our shores, in retrospect the timing felt premature anyway. Thanks to all the family and friends who contributed cameo performances! Sorry it took so long to get the video together, but it feels even better now because we're finally able to be "together again." For our video performances, we found a beautiful grassy hillside along CA-35, about 45 minutes from where we live. For those of you experiencing extreme cold and snow this holiday season, and who may be wondering why we're releasing such a summery looking video right now, don't be fooled! It was actually 48 degrees F and our fingers were numb by the end of the filming process. We can't complain too much though - winter in California is still more comfortable then many places!

Video Credits: Lyrics and music by Dan Frechette. String arrangement by Laurel Thomsen. Dan Frechette: vocals, 12-string guitar, bass, drums. Laurel Thomsen: violin, vocals. Videography by Dan & Laurel. Video concept, production, and editing by Laurel Thomsen.

To purchase a signed physical copy of the album, please visit our online store at

We hope you enjoy and share with those you love!!

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