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We made it through our big tour in one piece - across the Canadian Prairies, down the West Coast, across the Southwest and South and up the East Coast and through the Great Lakes states! A couple of the routes were repeated, but the the big miles, like through Texas, was driven between October and December.

We’ll be doing a personal songwriting retreat in early 2014 and plan to have a new album finished and released by early summer 2014. We've submitted to about 40 summer festivals, laying the foundation for what we hope will be a fantastic spring/summer. House concerts and theater shows are likewise lining up from Manitoba to British Columbia and LA to Brooklyn. That's really exciting for us! We're curious if anyone's interested in hosting!! Our big wish list for the year is actually pretty small - some booking angels to help us share our music with more people. We have a percentage and our deepest appreciation to give.

And, here's a video Timothy Barrett and Michael Martinez graciously put together: ttp://

Finally, we are both looking for new students for guitar, songwriting, or violin or viola. We operate via Skype, so we can "take you on tour with us." We're looking for beginning through advanced levels, and mature kids, teens, and adults. Please pass along the word to interested parties or get in touch yourself through our individual sites: Dan Frechette - guitar, songwriting Laurel Thomsen - violin, viola

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