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In about a week it will be 10 years since Dan's fateful sighting of Laurel in a YouTube video and the chance he took on sending her a message here on facebook. It bloomed into our partnership, five albums, well over 1000 concerts, several countries, countless tour stories, and Dan moving to a new country and having to start over on so many levels. It completely changed our lives. We've all weathered so many ups and downs, these last two years especially, and lately has been a real emotional roller coaster ride for us. How can some days feel like the worst day and the best day all in one? The news of deaths and losses coming at the same time as happy engagements and babies can be real whiplash! Or maybe it's just life.

We always enjoy revisiting and performing "Puddles in the Rain" from our "New Disguise" album - "Walking through life's little puddles in the rain/Looking for the meaning in every kind of pain." It's all about just continuing to step forward. And then to take another step. We can find a lot of faith if we can muster our fortitude. And we might not know where we're going, but what's nice about puddles is that eventually we do reach the other side.

While we are missing playing formal concerts, especially for audiences like we enjoyed in this video, and sharing songs like this one, we are grateful for the many recent opportunities to make people happy with their favorite cover tunes, Classical music, Jazz, etc. at various events and weddings. Hopefully we can hit our stride again soon. It might not be the endless tours we seemed to be on before, but maybe even better and more sustainable?

In all this time off from touring we've been reflecting on how many of our songs, as well as our story together, have a "phoenix rising from the ashes" flavor. We always struggled to describe our music, so maybe that's our genre, if there is such a thing?! It's all about hope, strength, and regeneration. Let's do this! Maybe we'll try for just a few backyard house concerts to start...?

Wednesday November 2nd, 2022
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