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Hi folks! We’re catching up with you from Medicine Hat, Alberta as we continue our new album take-over of North America. In all seriousness though, the road can be tough some days and we've been appreciating the little lights along the way.

For example, the other day we searched through four little towns in central Alberta, all lacking gas stations. Running on fumes we thankfully made it to our concert, in another little town without a service station! Upon hearing about our situation, a guest at the venue paused dinner to take us around to the fire house where he had a card to use the fire engine gas station.

We'll be playing all over Western Canada this Summer, including the Winnipeg Folk Festival, ArtsWells Festival, American River Festival, and a number of house concerts and venues in some of our favorite spots, including Nelson, Salmon Arm, Winnipeg, Dawson Creek, and Prince George. Visit us on Facebook to keep up with the adventures!

Finally, we hope those of you who have picked up our new release "Between the Rain" have been enjoying it! We're nearly sold out of our stash on the road here and are waiting for a new shipment. Once we receive it we will be sending out the rest of our Indiegogo gifts, so check your mail in the coming weeks and otherwise head to CDBaby or one of our upcoming shows. See you soon!

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