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We just released our first "single" from the new album and Laurel's debut as a videographer and video producer. The video's been going "viral" over the last 24 hours online, and we're happy to hear, as some have reported on our Facebook page, that it's putting a smile on your newsfeeds.

Laurel spent many hours putting this together, learning the ropes of video editing and how to sync everything with this track from our third album "Between the Rain." It's inspiring to see the vision of her efforts unfold. We filmed it partially on our Southwest tour last month and the rest on the porch at home and around the Santa Cruz mountains and coastline. We're really excited to share this song, written about our love for touring and the feeling of coming home wherever we are. If your internet is robust enough, watch it in HD quality for the best video and audio (it took about four hours to upload these four minutes of video!). Thank you to all the folks who continue to support us (and the arts in general!). Please share!

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