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Happy Valentine's Day friends and lovers (especially the music types)!

We just returned from a great debut tour of the Southwest and look forward to returning there this time next year.

We've been sharing songs we've composed during our travels together over the past three years, and a few that we were honestly "afraid to perform" before recently due to their scope and complexity. We've started to bust them out though, and with the great feedback we've been receiving from audiences, we've decided it's time to head into the studio again and record our third album as a duo!

At first, trying to work with nearly no budget, we tried to record in our new home base - a tiny, yet affordable cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains, but quickly abandoned that idea. We want to make sure our new album is up to the standard of our previous two CDs so we can confidently present songs to radio in the US this time and to follow up on recent interest we've received from the movie industry.

We know what type of budget and album quality is possible through our last successfully funded campaign, so to help us take album pre-orders and to help fund the album itself, we've launched a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which includes a budget for recording, manufacturing, and marketing.

We offer in return some worthy "perks" for any contribution beyond an album pre-order, giving a contributor something exciting to look forward to receiving this Spring.

Any amount really does help however. We've already started the recording process and are actively finding ways to cut costs even further should we fail to meet our goal before the funding period ends on March 29th. No matter what, we really want to get these songs out to you! We think many are our best to date, with a true integration of our creative spirits as evident in the arrangements, which include a range of acoustic genres and universal, current themes.

The recordings we've made so far sing like an old friend you'll want to have around for a long time. We're committed to completing this CD in time for a release party in California at Don Quixote's International Music Hall on April 27th, and our Canadian tour starting in May, but we need your support - financially through your pre-orders, but your kind thumbs ups keep us feeling like we're on the right track and that really makes all the difference.

Please, check out our Indiegogo campaign video and the perks that we hope will "perk" your interest, and connect with us on Facebook to see how the process is coming along.

Thank you for your support!  

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